Free thinking !

I am a free thinker, I think what I think and say what I think. Although I think a lot I tend to say the more positive things . I don’t believe that another opinion Should affect they way you act.

I always say “if you don’t like what your hearing, don’t fucking listen”

It’s your personal opinion so keep it personal.

One day last week I was talking to a work mate and he told me
” I don’t think you should get a moped it’s not sensible and you’ll end up hurt”
I replied
” I don’t think you should involve yourself in my life it’s not sensible and you’ll end up getting hurt”

He told me I’m rude I told him I’m honest

I don’t live my life to please others .

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7 Bad Signs You May Be Accidentally Sending At Work

Great truths we realize once we read but do u change who you are at work? Then you will be seen differently to who you are and Sould be



As the week comes to an end, we bring to your knowledge a few bad signs that you may have been sending at work, and how it has dented your reputation. In addition to having a beautiful weekend, take out time to think these signs through and resolve to make appropriate changes.This will ensure you start up the new week with a refreshed and resolved mind.

Hope you find this useful. Enjoy….

When it comes to how you’re perceived at work, it might be tempting to think that the quality of your work is all that matters. But the reality is that your colleagues’ perceptions of you depend on much more than just the work you produce.
Consciously or unconsciously, most people in a workplace pay attention to everything from who you hang out with to how you’ve decorated your office. And while that might sound superficial, it’s human nature…

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English Breakfast !

Last night was the slowest Sunday I can remember. I have been fixing my moped all week . I just passed my Cbt again so think it’s time for a Drink. Back on the road again !!!!

Now I remember why I do t drink. The headaches. I decide to crash out on the sofa as it made sense at the time. Not thinking how uncomfortable it actually is.

Around 3am I was greeted by a voice…”come upstairs keep me warm ”
I woke slowly opening my eyes, I catch a glimpse of a leg shape figure . I begin to follow up with my eyes as I slowly wake .

One leg become two. And I realize what this figure is. A smile appears on my face as I smell the aroma of sweet skin. Coming from a pre heated cream pie.
This is not the healthiest of breakfasts but don’t hesitate to get stuck in . I lead the figure upstairs into the bathroom and wash my hands before eating.😝😝

Before I could dry, I was being called into the bedroom. “Come on come on”
I walked in kickin my lips. With my blood racing round my body . I shimmied under the covers and worked my way up her legs.

Kissing every bit of skin I could find.she trembled with excitement as I crawled into her crotch. Chewing on the meaty lips. I could feel the heat pounding from her body.

As it became more and more intense she grabs my head and begins thrusting her pelvis towards my face in an aggressive manner.

The warm creamy substance begins to drip down my chin. .

She begs from the top of her lungs. Push it deep inside me. I don’t hesitate…… And go straight in for the kill . Before we knew it were were having full blown passionate sex. Mumbling into each others ears what we want to do to each other.

She begins to tremble and shake “I’m going to blow” she screams….. “Let’s it go ” I reply. And there it was it gushed out in bursts as she contracted her pussy. Pushin it out for me to see.

“Oooooo I can’t stop cumming ” she says so I let empty my load aswell and watch her fiddle with her pussy vibrating and goin for a solo round. I watch and rise again then it was all over…… Her curved breast …..

This has got to be one of the best way to get woken . ……

I had the full English Breakfast (Creampie)


You are not alone!!

This world is full of hurdles for u to focus on getting over
full of distractions we have to decide on what is the best solution.

This can occur everyday but it’s all down to you to pass the moment as a winner.

I always use a step by step system to overcome issues.

1) Does it matter or affect your life? If no fuck it… Why bother if it’s not your problem

2) if you can fix or correct problem? If you cannot why not ask someone rather than taking it on yourself to strain your braiN.

3) judge the situation and keep your head up as you recorrect problems when it’s all I’ve you will be proud.

Why do people get all in a huff and puff about a problem they cannot solve? .I don’t remember nobody fixing my fence.

Why do people always make judgements on others? If u do t like what you see , turn the fuck away and walk on soldier.